Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cintiq test

We've been test driving the new Wacom 24 inch Cintiq and it was my turn today!  So.... I made an alien... I had a lot of fun using it in Zbrush and definitely think it's worth it for that... took a bit of getting used to in Photoshop though, I might try just drawing in it next time.  A great product for sure, although I think I'll be going 22 inch for home (when I can afford it) as it would be nice to move it around a lot more... chur!  :)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

3D Artist

Been a shockingly long time and here I go talkin myself up again!  Shameless really...

I was lucky enough to work with 3D artist magazine on issue 49.  It was good for me to get down some of my process and talk a little about working at Weta and my journey getting there from good ol South Africa.  If I haven't bored you already,  and if you're brave enough to read and see more, check it out!  :)

3D artist issue 49

Here's the piece I did specifically for the tutorial and the sculpt along with it  :)