Monday, October 24, 2011

DemonGirl figure - Limited run for sale :)

Photographs by: Steve Unwin and Simon Godsiff. Paint Job by: Dordi Moen. 3D print by: Ownage. Sculpt and Design: Andrew Baker

Hi everyone.
I have finally got everything sorted with this figure. At the moment, she is travelling with Paul Tobin under White Cloud Worlds to the BLOOOM art festival in Germany. Very excited to see her go! I will be selling this painted version of her there and am also doing a limited run of 15 at the moment. I might do another run of similar numbers if it goes well but that will be it afterwards. So she will be a limited run. Please see the "For Sale" section of the blog for more information, or contact me by e mail if you're interested in purchasing a copy. The copies for sale require assembly, and come in a clear grey resin for you to paint any colour you wish :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Serenyan Design - New Zbrush test

So last week I received the update for Zbrush. The new features are really incredible this round. I've been using it a lot for work and wanted to do a personal piece testing some features. This was an alien design for a project of mine that I thought I'd use to test out. I sculpted this all from a sphere using Dynamesh, posed using transpose master and final render using the new lightcap features. I did the final layout in Photoshop, but the bulk of the work was Zbrush. Really fast turnaround of a couple of hours with the flexibility of Dynamesh! I'll do some more renders of this character soon! Here's the sculpt so far.