Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bapho - Zbrush work flow

I have been working in my spare time to contribute to a great book being done by the guy's at streetwisepr . I will be doing a chapter showing how I created this guy. It's a workflow I use regularly at work, especially for creature or character design. I will publish more on the workflow when the book is being released, meanwhile, here are the fruits of the labour! Hope you enjoy.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Demon Girl

So 3 posts in one day! I have actually been busy doing a chapter for a "tips and techniques" for Zbrush. This is one of the images, as well as a few from here that will be in the book. But more on that soon! This lady has been 3D printed, by the awesome guys at ownage and is awaiting painting! So I will post the photo's when she's done.


This was a personal piece I've called Manifest. I will be selling prints of this soon, and will make another post when they're available... if anyone would like one, please contact me :) It's my stab at something abstract, yet something real? An exploration in forms and colour.

dragony beasty!

Here's a wee beasty I did a sketch of ages ago. Did a photoshop pass over the top, and thought I'd post it up. There's a body to this guy, and also a plan to sculpt two of them battling! So more to come on this guy. But I figured, who doesn't like giant reptiles battling? So I'm going to get onto that as soon as I can!