Sunday, October 20, 2013

Phoenix Atelier Orcs

Hey all... very pleased to share the Orc's that I created for the Program I'm running at Phoenix Atelier !

It was a great experience creating the program, one I'm sure to repeat again!  My only challenge was creating the artwork on such a small scale on screen, but I got over it really quickly.  My students are quickly putting my work to shame!  I'll be dusting off my ol kitchen knives soon looking for work after this judging by how well they're doing!  :P

Phoenix really has created an awesome method for learning, one I wish I had when I was approaching this industry, and I'm really glad to be involved!


  1. Awesome man! Love the guy on the right.

  2. Too damn good Andy! The maquette renders are dope!

    1. Cheers CP!! They're actually just made of pixels... it would be really hard sculpting in dope. ;)

  3. always dig how you handle textures on skin bol!
    Tu meke!

  4. Andrew... Respect! :))))) Brilliant, as usual! :)

  5. Hey Andrew!Is there a way to buy the workshop somewhere? I guess Phoenix Atelier is dead now unfortunately, will be great to have your record videos if possible!