Tuesday, June 22, 2010

a few more from the sketchbook

A sketch of something alien... playing with something different in the mouth, makes for very sloppy, and messy eating though!

A demon study. Done with charcoal pencil and a white pencil.

Just a wierd, old little man. With horns.

study from sketchbook

Took a snapshot of an old study I did in the sketchbook. A pretty old one, and don't remember what I referenced for it, but thought I'd post it.

Friday, June 4, 2010

The Sik

Which has been me for the last couple of days, have been battlin a cold. But decided to draw something on those lines. But perhaps I'll think of a better name for him, because I'm quite happy with the design. I might sculpt this up, as well as post the concept drawing (when I ge the scanner working).

Got the scanner working and added the sketch. I carry around a little A5 sketch book, which I tend to just sketch down idea's, nothing more than 5 minute doodles. You never know when those ideas will arrive, so I find being prepared with paper and pencil at hand, handy for when I get inspired. This sketch was just something I thought of, and the painting changed quite a bit, as I'm sure the sculpt will take more a life of it's own. Cheers.

A Alien

An alien Zbrush paint up. Something a little more "fantastical" rather than gritty.

I do more than just heads, I swear! I just love the oppertunity, portraits allow to show a character, so I tend to do a lot. This was a speed paint of an old digital maquette I had to quickly demonstrate how I paint up in Photoshop. Also, A quick sketch of some monster who just wants to bash.

GM grotesque

Havin had a bit of time to do some personal work, I decided to just do a study of a grotesque dude who's been slightly modified. I didn't really think too much into what he does, etc. But I imagine it's not all, a pleasant life. I like playing around with harsh features and lines, and I wanted him to look like you wouldn't want to mess with him, but also sympathise with him. All in all, just a gnarly guy, which I had fun doing in ZBrush first, then exported the lighting pass, and painted him up in Photoshop. Cheers.

Wayne Barlowes Faraii.

My first post, so here goes!
I've been very inspired by Wayne's work, and was very fortunate to have recently worked with him on a project, and talked about doing one of his characters from his story, God's Demon. This is Baron Faraii. The sculpt still needs some work which will wrap up someday, but the Illustration was the final goal. This is how I do a lot of my concept work by using Zbrush to solve a lot of the forms, then doing a paint up in photoshop. However, this time the concept was done, and was merely, a homage piece. A portrait from the inferno.