Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Essence: Creatures

Something out of the ordinary for me.  I got the chance, a long with some other amazing creature artists and designers, to create a book focusing on creature design, inspiration and art.
 Essence: Creatures is a book featuring this fella below, and a few other creatures I've created for the book.  All the artists have contributed to a wide range of styles and takes on the subject, and any creature enthusiast should have a blast flippin through the pages.  Very stoked to have been asked, and a big thanks to Bryan Wynia for making this happen!


Sunday, October 20, 2013

Phoenix Atelier Orcs

Hey all... very pleased to share the Orc's that I created for the Program I'm running at Phoenix Atelier !

It was a great experience creating the program, one I'm sure to repeat again!  My only challenge was creating the artwork on such a small scale on screen, but I got over it really quickly.  My students are quickly putting my work to shame!  I'll be dusting off my ol kitchen knives soon looking for work after this judging by how well they're doing!  :P

Phoenix really has created an awesome method for learning, one I wish I had when I was approaching this industry, and I'm really glad to be involved!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mary Doe

I've had the great pleasure of working with M.E.G. outside of my Weta hours on a number of projects but namely Mary Doe which has been created by Nick Nicolaou and his team including Paul Katte, who has been a make up artist on a number of films including the Hobbit, which is where we met.

I think original story and independent properties like this are what will really change cinema, giving us all something to be excited about again.  It really was a pleasure to contribute to the wealth of idea' s that Nick has created in this world.

To get a better idea of it all, check out the kickstarter they have going and if the idea of it sounds good.. you can also see a creative spotlight on yours truly here... help out a little by backing.  Some cool rewards for those that do!