Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Serenyan Design - New Zbrush test

So last week I received the update for Zbrush. The new features are really incredible this round. I've been using it a lot for work and wanted to do a personal piece testing some features. This was an alien design for a project of mine that I thought I'd use to test out. I sculpted this all from a sphere using Dynamesh, posed using transpose master and final render using the new lightcap features. I did the final layout in Photoshop, but the bulk of the work was Zbrush. Really fast turnaround of a couple of hours with the flexibility of Dynamesh! I'll do some more renders of this character soon! Here's the sculpt so far.


  1. Really nice, really good to find your blog, is very inspiring, I hope to learn a lot from you and some day became so talented like you.

  2. Thanks guy's!
    Giovanny - Thank you very much. Glad to be of inspiration :)

  3. Nice dude! Isn't Dynamesh great, its so fast.