Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Here's a piece I've done for the Unscripted Exhibition . I started the concept for this ages ago, but never had the time to finish it. When we were asked for entries for this, I thought it was very appropriate as this fella didn't really belong to anything I was working on. So in essence, he's VERY unscripted. I made the piece feel a little more "painterly"for the printing and it seemed to have payed off. I'll be selling small A4 prints of this guy, and also one large A2 framed piece. I'll show the other pieces I'm exhibiting in a future post once they've been photographed. In the mean time, here is Tao. :)


  1. Came out sweet Andrew - looking forward to seeing the print.

  2. This came out mean bol, you are always great with skin textures and detail, and the posing of the hands is sweet as!

  3. Really great Andrew! Huum...could you send me a mail when you'll be selling your prints, I could be interested ! :p
    (And thanks for your kind words on my blog! ;))