Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Cleverman - The Namorrodor

I was recently lucky enough to work on the Creature Design for the new series, which is out already and I recommend checking it out if you can, called Cleverman made by Pukeko Pictures.  I worked at WetaWorkshop along with Leri Greer who oversaw the project as well as getting to collaborate with Ryan Griffen who created the show and Jake Nash who were fantastic to work with.  I learned a lot about Aboriginal culture and felt fortunate enough to be apart of this team.  Currently been working on Season 2 which looks to be just as good!


  1. has a head that I would pet5! mint looking slender fulla Bakes!

  2. G'day - Is the back pattern on the final concept supposed to look like a Corroboree frog (Pseudophryne corroboree) or is that just happy coincidence?
    Loved seeing this critter on screen, a fantastic design for something so crucial for the story, and looks every bit as scary as my younger mind imagined the Dust Echoes version!

    1. Hey Ales, Thanks very much for the message. Apologies the late reply.
      The pattern originally was from a guinea fowl which got reduced down to just those stripes. :) Glad you liked how he appeared on screen!