Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Childhood's End - Karellen designs

In 2014 I got to be apart of the team that worked on Arthur C. Clarke's Childhood's End TV adaptation.  I worked up the designs at WetaWorkshop and the incredible team at Makeup Effects Group created the suit that Charles Dance would perform in.  Please check the Makeup Effects link for more production stills and videos, they did an incredible job!  It was such an honour as well to find out Charles Dance was going to be doing the performance of Karellen.  I loved the book and felt he was a perfect fit as well as Tywin Lannister being one of my favourite villains of all time!

Here's a small sample of the work that got done as well as the final concept (attempting) to put Dance's likeness into the design.


Paul and Nick with Charles in the final make up.  Amazing job!


  1. Hey man, Great work! I still have to watch this - I really liked the book when I read it. I've heard a lot of great things about the show too :)