Sunday, July 20, 2014

Faraii 2.0

Recently I got a license of Keythot and wanted to test it out on a personal piece.  I decided to revisit a sculpt I had done a few years back of Wayne Barlowes Baron Faraii from Gods Demon.  One of my favourite books!  It's an epic tale and this character is one of my favourites!  I will render the stulpt out once i'm further along with the base and upload it on this thread but here is the updated version of Faraii!

I wanted to stick very close to Waynes beautiful work and existing designs of the character and you can see some of my reference here...
Wayne Barlow - Barlowes Inferno and Brushfire

And also if you haven't read the book, I HIGHLY recommend it!
Gods Demon


  1. Beeeaauuuutiful work, way to do an amazing character Justice!! Love it.

  2. Excellent man - fantastic homage to a fantastic and inspirational artist

  3. mint render and model bol! think he would be hella stoked!!

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