Sunday, February 27, 2011

brain jobby

That's what I think happened when I came up with this guy! One part, angler fish, one part lizard, one part.... ah, who knows. He's a bit of an abomination that was some fun to draw, and earned himself the name. Who knows, maybe one day we'll see little chaps like this in every household?


  1. Nice! He's great man - a real lil' character. Love those lazy lizard legs.

  2. Yeah, he's a real cutie alright. Wouldn't you just love to have him curl up in your lap while your watching the telly? Great stuff man!

  3. He got the puku nui!
    Actually I think I'm turning into that dude. Looks pretty sweet really, lounging about and totally comfortable with his self image.
    It's a nice drawing Andrew!

  4. Ah, look at the wee Jobby. He's sweet man. I'm Still insisting on you doing some photography/zbrush comps of him lounging around in the house/kitchen floor etc. Great stuff.

  5. thanks guy's! you all are soo nice!
    christian, i was feeling the same myself.. it's a bit of a self portrait really. but hey, on the bright side... if we go any further, stephen will have us at his place! ;)
    adam, yea, i think that might turn into a project.. i think you just cast yourself in a pic with him on your lap!
    thanks for liking my brain jobbt guys!

  6. ...ah - you guys don't actually know where I live... do you?